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VioRou 2019SS NEW COLLECTION ~B series new model, “Kenji-2″~information

Kenji2 all


Kenji2 hikaku

上: Kenji

下: Kenji-2



Kenji2 hikaku 拡大




kenji2 point




Kenji-2 1451014 front  Kenji-2 1451014 side

col: 1451/014  Clear brown/Demi gray

kenji-2 1452723 front  kenji-2 1452723 side

col: 1452/723  Clear pink/Demi pink

Kenji-2 1453722 front  Kenji-2 1453722 side

col: 1453/722  Clear blue/Demi silver

Kenji-2 1454715 front  Kenji-2 1454715 side

col: 1454/715  Light khaki/Demi brown

Kenji-2 1455018 front  Kenji-2 1455018 side

col: 1455/018  Light clear brown/Demi yellow

The 2017 model Kenji has been slightly modified as Kenji-2.


In the 2017 model these were given acetate pads.

However, especially the European market, setting it with acetate, the nose width design became very severe, then, the market for selling will be limited.


Order to also correspond to the European market, titanium nose pads were adopted for this model too.

Also, because the eye rim was slightly thicker, the strength of Kenji-2 was increased.


Importantly, the eye size and nose width are exactly the same as Kenji, in other words, the lens mounted on Kenji is compatible with Kenji-2.


The acetate series model of VioRou basic series is distinctive.

Like the metal frame, it is assembled separately with the eye-rim, bridge and side section by handcraft.

It’s like VioRou’s original style like stacking blocks.


In color variation, it will be bright and light, suitable for SS.