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VioRou 2019SS NEW COLLECTION ~B series new model, “Nami”~information

Nami all


Nami up3   Nami up1




  Nami 3000 front  Nami 3000 side

col: 3000  Black/Gold  Warm gray and orange/Antique gold

 Nami 3001 front  Nami 3001 side

col: 3001  Black/Gold  Brown and pink/Rose gold

  Nami 3002 front  Nami 3002 side

col: 3002  Rose and beige/Matte rose gold

 Nami 3003 front  Nami 3003 side

col: 3003  Rose and beige/Matte rose gold

  Nami 3004 front  Nami 3004 side

col: 3003  Rose and beige/Matte rose gold


This model followed Nao, which was the top sales model in the 2018-2019 season.

New-used Italian MAZZUCCHELLI material, having a color switching of by very beautiful border, and that beautiful border will blend into the design of this model very well.

This model will have the personality appropriate for the VioRou basic series and the fun to wear.