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VioRou 2019SS NEW COLLECTION ~S series new model, “Fernando”~information

Fernando all


Fernando up2  Fernado point




Fernando 2014 frontFernando 2018 sidesun Fernando 2014 front

col: 2014  Gray 2 tone/Pink gold

Fernando 2016 frontFernando 2016 sidesun Fernando 2016 front

col: 2016  Brown and red/Green gold

Fernando 2018 frontFernando 2018 sidesun Fernando 2018 front

col: 2018  Blue and yellow/Antique copper

Fernanado 2221 frontFernando 2221 sidesun Fernando 2221 front

col: 2221  Gray mesh/Sepia

Fernanado 2888 frontFernando 2888 sidesun Fernando 2888 front

col: 2888  Beige and ivory/Gold

This model combines acetate with new eye rim components.


Modern lens shapes could be recommended to a wide range of consumers.

Of course, knitted titanium temple is installed on the side of this model.


Also, This model can be ordered in combination with 2 colors sunglass lenses.