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VioRou 5th! ~Colin 2020SS limited~information

Colin 2020SS limited all


Colin all




Colin 2020SS limited up1 Colin 2020SS limited up2 Colin 2020SS limited up3



limited colin 000406P

col: 000/406P  Black/Chalk white


limited colin 476P7496P

col: 476P/7496P  Brown/Yellow green


limited colin 1468F5493P

col: 1468F/5493P  Denim blue/Aqua


limited colin 412P500P

col: 412P/500P  Gray/Pink


limited colin 7526P4685P

col: 7526P/4685P  Light brown/Ivory




Mod: Colin, released as one of a new flagship series last fall, emphasized Japanese titanium processing technology and luxury to match the series.

But at the same time, the VioRou collection has a “Basic series” with a fun and colorful expression.

What happens if the model placed in the “Flagship series” has the basic series elements? I challenged it.

These include a specially entitled “5th” engraved case and special lens cloth.