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Violet and red, or violet and rouge in French

Violet (ヴィオレ) フランス語で紫Rouge (ルージュ) フランス語で赤

The origin of “VioRou” is “Du violet au rouge”, which in French translates to “from violet to red”, that is, it is a coined word taken to mean the “seven colors” of visible light perceivable to the naked human eye.

This is the brand concept behind “seven color eyewear”.

People see seven colors on the visible spectrum of light, each of which conjures up various images.

For example, violet is seen as the color of nobility, and red the color of passion…

People also come in various faces, and each face can be changed depending on the person’s expression, or by adding some color, such as by applying makeup to the face.

“Color” can change the image of a person.

Whether this be a good image, a bad image, an image the person wanted to give, or perhaps an image that the person least expected…

Eyewear represents the central point of a face, and I believe this item is an essential part of producing various faces, expressions and character, while simultaneously serving as item used for people to take a step outside their current selves.

Change your “color” with eyewear available in various shapes and colors.

I firmly believe that the ability to relish in such changes in appearance is the true gift of those with eyewear.

“VioRou” is an eyewear collection that offers designs derived from various approaches originating from this design concept.

Our designs and products are born from a desire to have everyone who wears glasses to revel in changing themselves in this way, and to try new discoveries.

デザイナー 小野寺 慎吾デザイナー 小野寺  慎吾